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METAL STAINLESS ( Peralatan Stainless)
METAL STAINLESS ( Peralatan Stainless)
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Name: Mr. Donny Prasetyo [Marketing] E-mail:
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Y!: Y!: cs_metalstainless
Phone Number: Phone number of Mr. Donny Prasetyo at Jakarta Timur Mobile Number: Mobile number of Mr. Donny Prasetyo at Jakarta Timur Fax Number: Fax number of Mr. Donny Prasetyo at Jakarta Timur Address: Jl.AL Baidho 1 No.15 RT 06 RW 06 Lubang Buaya Jakarta Timur. Phone: 021-8778 0312, 8778 0328. Fax: 021-8778 0328
Jakarta Timur 13810, Jakarta
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Priority Member Itrademarket Priority
3rd Year
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Nov. 01, 2011
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Jul. 16, 2013
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Manufacturing, Trade, Service of Home Supplies category
Company Brief
Metal Stainless is a company engaged in stainless steel products serving manufacturing Trash or stainless steel products such as food industry equipment, industrial equipment hospitality, office equipment and other household-based stainless steel.

Metal Stainless is a Stainless serve manufacturing equipment for the food industry, kitchen, office equipment and other household are made from stainless steel, we provide a complete service from consultancy, design, installation through to after sales service by our staff who have been trained. Most of us have a strong design and construction.

In addition to selling in our Listed companies also have websites for all of our stainless products please visit the website

Metal Stainless also provide complete services ranging from consulting, design, installation through to after sales service by our staff are well trained. We also have a product design and strong construction. stainless steel with excellent quality we guarantee our products are very suitable to the needs of your stainless steel appliances.

Metal Stainless also gives consumers the freedom to provide design for all the products they need.

For Information Contact:
Metal Stainless.
Jl.AL Baidho 1 No.71 Lubang Buaya Jakarta Timur
Phone: 021-8778 0312, 8778 0328
Fax: 021-8778 0328.

E-mail: sales@
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